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tv   Headline News  RT  February 20, 2013 4:00am-4:28am EST

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u.s. investigators still search for answers almost a month after the death of a three year old russian boy that moscow officials claim was killed by his adoptive american mother. is being urged to reform its anti terror laws which put dozens of journalists behind bars making it the world leader in jailing the press. moscow says it's time for the syrian regime to prove in practice that they're ready for dialogue with the country's opposition leaders the statement comes as russia's foreign minister meets with the arab league leader and attempts to get the peace talks off the ground.
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and i welcome you watching r.t. live from moscow with me andrey pharma site to our top story almost a month after the death of a three year old russian boy in texas local police still continuing their investigation russian officials believe maxon koosman was abused by his adoptive american mother but u.s. authorities say they are still waiting for autopsy results. is in the family's hometown. russian officials are outraged at yet another case of the death of a russian child living in an adoptive family in the united states we're standing outside the home of alan and laura shadow parents two three year old max shadow known in russia as mean the three year old boy after suffering severe bruises to his legs head and internal organs had died in january this year just a few weeks after his third birthday right now his parents are not making any statements if you call their voice mail it says if you're a reporter or news agency we have no comment now according to russian officials the
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investigation that they're conducting they're saying allegedly was the mother of the child that was behind this death they're saying not only was the child severely bruised but had also been fed for a long time anti-psychotic drugs meant to treat sky it's a free mia in adults a drug that is sold by prescription in the united states we do know that the younger brother of much steam t.d.o. continues living with the family here at the county sheriff's office an investigation is currently ongoing in cooperation with russian officials and local child protection services on the afternoon of january twenty first the local police department had received a call from a local hospital emergency room while a police officer was on his way there the three year old boy had already died unfortunately we get these kind of this particular kind of calls for. every day. somebody has had a heart attack we don't put pressure. we have a child that's been injured in an a.t.v.
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we don't put a pressure unless we start suspecting that something may be out of the ordinary. it wasn't a little bit later that we started getting some suspicions of what was going on and then all developed from talking to the parents the people that lived there he just took a little more time for us to develop. currently an autopsy as. underway and the police is not really releasing any further details in terms of what they can tell us about this case what we do know as according to them the autopsy results may come as soon as this afternoon to any time from a month from now please tell us that there are no suspects in this case as of yet and no arrests have been made and so. after county texas. already posts from the foundation against child trafficking says the whole adoption system in the u.s. is flawed and lacks supervision kalf protection because you know this is just assertion is the national competitions i mean the u.s.
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state level the company so it's not the u.s. state department in the fear. of children actually said like any other children in the u.s. like children of their forums and so the state level cannot interfere about children in russia who are. in child protection supervised care. by rights out there from official from the safe if you want to have adoption and you basically get the private family treated like any other child so there's nobody supervising and there's nobody not for you anything you post adoption reform will be a. very. i don't view the fire by the. adoption agency. and none of these people. say anything about cuba fun her school work of the children work with the power of the workforce
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reintegration into the family. turkey aspiring to become an e.u. member has been urged by the council of europe to improve its record on press freedom the country is now the world leader in imprisoning journalists under so-called anti-terrorism laws they allow authorities to detain suspects for long periods of time before being formally charged. reports. it's because of people like me near that turkey who is the number one spot in the world for the number of journalists in jail nadeem was arrested and held for two hundred days he's charged up to one classified documents and something government officials he suspects it was because he published a book investigating the death of another journalist which unnerve the government officials to. the main reason the government arrests journalists just to stifle voices of disagreement the best way to do that is to silence the journalists who
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speak out against the government then their audience will also fall silent that's the main reason behind the imprisonment of journalists it's not just journalists you get put in jail doctors students labor union leaders schools of people being thrown in jail in turkey. his words are backed by research from the committee for protection of journalists which claim turkey was for journalists for writing anything their thirty's might consider and turkish on par with terrorists the problem with press freedom in turkey stands mainly from the legal framework it has to be reformed and it has to be fundamentally reformed in order for turkey to stop conflating terrorism with journalism turkish officials promised last november a proposal to parliament that laws be changed to improve the treatment of journalists at the time the country's news agency is quoted the turkish deputy prime minister
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who responded to this report for us the number is not important we are greatly saddened even. by one journalist being jailed for their rights and drawings journalism activities most jail reporters have been incarcerated over their legit connection to organic on a deeply secret anti government organisation most of whose members have never been identified and which exist many believe only in official papers turkish journalists say affiliation with their unicon is just one of many clever ways the government gets away with locking them up. the government says. press court enough to qualify as journalists. and that's of course a primitive reply. which befits will. be a prime minister who said the seven people prison because. prison by know that had prescott's journalism is about
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a popular career choice for young people in turkey the country boasts numerous these papers and a plethora of to be channels but in the current circumstances every reports could end up being a one way ticket to jail. because i teach journalism in a university families of my students tell them go learn journalism but don't become journalists still a lot of young people feel it's a good way to express their view on the government the disagreement it's a popular career but a dangerous one this c.p.g. says turkish officials use all their legislative powers not just incarcerate journalists but also scare them from reporting anything the government doesn't like a tactic that won't deter people like nadine. there's no fear my trial continues i may be out of jail but i'm still facing a fifteen year term and in turkey anything can happen the police can accuse me of anything but being a member of a terror group for example someone can send them an anonymous letter mail use it as
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evidence and i'll be back behind bars. intercooler even though school. now russia says it's ready to host talks between the syrian rebels and the government that's according to foreign minister sergei lavrov who has been talking to the arab league chief. in moscow the situation has started moving from a dead end with both sides apparently thinking of opening up dialogue let's get more now from r.t. your piece of igor quite positive words there from mr lavrov do you think we can expect to see the syrian opposition in dialogue with the regime in damascus. well both russia and the arab league have confirmed that there are clear positive signals from both the syrian afterwards and the opposition in their world to start negotiations and foreign minister lavrov says that the time has come for words to turn into actions adding that russia is ready to provide a platform for them to meet but will support any decision from the of and the
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rebels if he wanted to meet elsewhere he also added that it would be much more constructive if you negotiate were held without any preconditions which mean an immediate sense even though the head of the syrian opposition for the first time said that they are ready to start negotiations with the government but that would happen what would happen if a be released around one hundred fifty thousand prisoners with rebels the one with jailed. because of their political beliefs the government or the other and says that it's ready to start talking but without any preconditions now moscow has been saying that it's not taking sides in the conflict it's actually been trying to get the international community to apply equal pressure on them for the political process in syria to start and in this sense the foreign ministry says the arab league has great potential especially when it comes to dealing with the syrian opposition and applying this pressure on them in the meantime the situation in
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syria continues to deteriorate to the russian emergencies ministry's point evacuated around one hundred russian and citizens and we watched that several russian navy ships are currently on their way to the mediterranean to assist further possible accusations. thank you very much. more sky now when it comes to the methods used to spread global influence it seems anything goes but as we reveal later washington's strategies to be more about loyalty to the stars and stripes rather than just about military might be method of making living tissue also by. printing could be a great medical benefit but a danger in the wrong hands we explain why in fuming.
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we are. because no one. in the needs you've won a community l.n.g. mold and will be. done for. i was fired i was. right.
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and i welcome back now the will's leading figures in the oil and gas industries have gathered in london for the international petroleum week while some experts suggest tensions in the middle east are inflating prices there are also concerns that he sanctions on iran could be increasing costs for can she missed. this reports. thousands of oil and gas professionals from around the world have gathered here in london for the annual international petroleum week listened to talks from senior industry figures last year and the buzz around sanctions on iran dominated the talks these sanctions were supposed to bring iran to the negotiating table with a neat clear program that for some and the sanctions could have come at a worse time a loss of production in south sudan in yemen in the will see and now in syria has
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been driving prices higher for the reigning queen still in demand in asia with the u.k.'s problem with millions of home struggling with fuel poverty being echoed all across the european union right now is it the european consumer has been hardest hit by these sanctions we've been speaking some industry insiders to find out what they think so obviously you've got the private companies then sort of carrying out political decisions are having very tough economic or would you say today looks like the oil and gas companies sort of in bed with the government i don't i don't see that we are taught i think the politicians around the world have to make the decisions companies have to get on with business technology business commercial business right now always say we're with iran oil being used as a political weapon and i wouldn't use that sort of phrase i mean i think it's always the case that as years go by governments around the world seppala says on trade and other things become part of the company's job is to acquire the best
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technology in the best and the best commerce to comply with whatever the environment is at the time to get the best deal for can seem is ultimately ultimately that's their job yes it can seem as if saying right now they're getting oil prices through the roof of the best think yes you're right on the best thing we can do is invest so i unfortunately the age of easy all and cheap oil i think is past but we're finding more oil with technology is getting better and better what we've got to do is to ensure it doesn't keep on the best thing that we can do is to go. technology deployed get the best work practices get the financing and get additional oil production because that's the best thing the companies can do to dampen. the potential rising prices thank you very much for joining us thank you sir well the sanctions on iran were triggered by western claims the country seeking to build an atomic bomb r.t. caught up with the man many suggest prevented a u.s. strike on terrans controversial nuclear program back in two thousand and seven the full interview as late as today here on r.t.
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is a quick preview. judgment that we made was that it was a political decision to halt the weaponization portions of its program or continue to fizzle material fissile material was the pacing element. that. at the time required to go from physical material to what. we did it was short of the fissile material. on but they've halted it. for. terminology we used was because of international scrutiny and pressure but that center was a political decision it was a matter of a technical problem. or a change in geo political situation they still lived in a tough neighborhood. that they could turn loose program back on again any time and we also. released part we weren't sure we would know if they turned it back on.
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now what's the greatest tool to secure america's future global influence is it the military troops or drones perhaps well it appears the u.s. is also using its well respected education system along to geo political gains and it's a strategy that is bearing fruit is kiani reports. the u.s. is investing in potential for invaders by educating them in america convinced that back in their home countries when the time comes most of them will side with u.s. interests impair our future generations of political leaders who've had a positive american experience and they are more likely to be global partners would be a small djibril could be one example having studied in the us he went on to become the head of leave us transition government he's now the leader of one of the
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country's biggest political parties there's little doubt which country he would favor when it comes to dividing lucrative oil deals in the future u.s. foreign service officers had their eye on him even before the revolution broke out a leaked diplomatic cable from november two thousand and nine written by the u.s. ambassador to libya gene credits described mr general as quote a serious interlocutor who quote unquote gets the u.s. perspective and of course mr gibril is not the only one who gets the u.s. perspective i'm not going to measure how many kids were really just on the program what i'm going to do is look at where they are five years later and you know what ninety two percent of the people who go on u.s. government exchanges go on to work in civil society positions in the parliament or in an engine sariah took a two year course in public diplomacy in two thousand and six at the university of south in california in this particular program this was. every single
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lecture has a state park remember this. so you know that you're not really learning. how to implement. the u.s. trade and development agency an offshoot of the state department's usa id claims that what they call aid is actually investment agencies deputy director says for every one dollar they invest they get eight dollars back in u.s. exports america's officials maintain that it's hard to overestimate the benefits of investing in public diplomacy the investment i do not call it spending it's an investment it's absolutely an investment and there's a return on investment and it's very hard to quantify that return completely but i can tell you that you could quantify it in troops that you don't have to send somewhere so i never pursued a career with the training she were sieved. it was saying other countries i mean i
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may not be fond of the government in iran but i support hundred percent it's not pretty and i was sitting in this class. lectures and people saying how do we think the market i'd be underminded the government so for me it was a real challenge to see the programs through this age because they're less definitely less of the soviet union we think in two thousand and seven when i was in that program they had or distorted the push towards africa diplomacy is good business as has been made clear by this video portman time and time again getting foreign leaders and their advisors to think in english and to subsequently favor the united states in their policies is much cheaper than bombing their countries so the state department will certainly be more forceful in their efforts at exercising soft power in washington i'm going to check out. a quick look at other news now on
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the prime minister has stepped down after his own ruling islamic party rebuffed i finally left it to form a new government it is expected to deepen the political crisis there's been a stalemate over the drafting of a new constitution for more than a year to bali cold for a new cabinet after the assassination of an opposition leader sparked a fresh wave of unrest in the country has struggled to find political stability since the arab spring revolution in two thousand and eleven. scuffles between police and anti fascist protesters have broken act at cambridge university the leader of the french burn national party marine le pen was making a speech hundreds demonstrated against the decision to invite the right wing politician the pan he's often criticized in france the extreme d.c. q of the third spot in the french twenty twelve presidential election having polled almost eighteen percent of the. fighting appears to have intensified in northern parts of mali where
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a french soldier and around. militants have been killed in an ongoing operation against these largest insurgency after driving the rebels out of the key towns of timbuktu in paris and allies focused operation in mali's mountainous northeast eight french hostages are believed to be held in the area france is so far lost to servicemen since its intervention in the west african country began last month. or gary's entire government has resigned after a series of nationwide protests some of which led to violence and security forces crackdown on dissent people have been taking to the streets to boys anger over soaring electricity prices and hysterical measures for the part she was announced by prime minister boyko borders of he says he can stay in power and made such a crisis. can you print an extra copy of my liver please in a few decades it's possible scientists will be able to do just that method called by printing uses real cells that can be put into
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a special printer cartridge to produce a living tissue for all its medical benefits the area might hold some future threats as artie's marina portnoy explains. major universities corporate laboratories and biomedical engineers are printing experimental heart valves need cartilage is bone implants kidney cells and even healing tissue now three d. bio printing essentially squirts ink of the living cells to build up to shoot structure eventually biomedical engineer is hoped to print out taylor tissue suitable for surgery and entire organs that can be used in transplants experts say that ideally they would like to create organs for those that are on lists waiting for organs and possibly you know in life circumstances in dire life circumstances so pioneers of this bio printing believe it will be a huge benefit to to the public and to the medical community to i could essentially
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use photographs of you and then create a three d. image of you which is quite scary because with these three d. printing we don't know how far will go how far will develop and to know that a stranger can find a piece of your hair or your cigarette but if you smoke or a glass that you drank out of or even a few pictures of you and create a three d. facial structure of you is is a bit terrifying i mean forget about surveillance and privacy issues knowing that a stranger could do something like that view it doesn't mean it doesn't keep a sense of calm within the public and this is just the start of it who knows how it will develop five years from now maybe a person can be cloned or a parent person can be replicated between their photographs between the hair and their d.n.a. and between them and also add to that the virtual identity that most people have
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created for themselves online through social media through uses of skype through e-mail essentially there's a footprint of someone everywhere be through your hair or your activity online and that could essentially be duplicated with all this new software and technology that's pioneering right now. fascinating stuff will head to r.t. dot com for more on the stories we are covering at the moment and there you are also find everlasting social networking a brand new online app will soon act which he uses to keep posting from beyond the grave check out exactly how our web site plus the death of russia's mafia godfather grandpa sam means a serious reshuffle in the in the criminal world find out why gangs to get togethers into moscow restaurants didn't turn out all that well for almost one hundred critics. coming up shortly in r.t. travels to the delta of the niger river where local militants are fighting
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a war for survival against a corrupt government and all companies. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture.
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